Hungry 21 - Dragonball

Status: Complete
Can the Zfighters stop Android 21's endless hunger? find out!

BDSMMAKER! - Overwatch

Talon rewards Widowmaker with a Bonus for another job well done but just asks not to be to excessive...

Status: Ongoing!

Paradise Falls - Fallout

Fallout inspired comic commission iā€™m working on for one of my patrons!
During her travels The Lone Wanderer gets ambushed and captured by slavers who take her to Paradise Falls, a location within the Capital Wasteland. From there The Lone Wanderer will experience intense sexual training as she is forced to learn her new role in life as a submissive sex slave.


One Panel comics! Patrons get to design a Android and everyone gets to vote of what service she does. šŸ˜‰

Status: On-going